Total Farm Marketing and Indigo Ag

A Farmer-First Ag Marketing Collaboration
Through a partnership with Indigo Ag, the Total Farm Marketing (TFM) family of companies is adding new tools to our existing capabilities to help serve every farmer.
More Service

With Indigo Marketplace, TFM can help you execute on virtually all your total farm marketing needs from cash to hedging tools, as you choose. 

Innovative Cash Tools

Access a wide variety of cash tools, including flexible HTAs that allow you to deliver wherever you want at the basis you want and TFM Managed Pricing Program contracts.

Actionable Insights

Harness the power of Indigo Atlas through your TFM advisor, including key satellite data on crop health, acreage, and yield analysis on your farm to your state and beyond.

Introducing the TFM Managed Pricing
Program from Indigo Ag

The TFM Managed Pricing Program provides farmers with a simple way to access professional farm marketing.

Do you want to protect price without upfront, out-of-pocket fees or size requirements for your operation? Or are you simply unhappy with your current managed contract program? The TFM Managed Pricing Program is a key strategy to help improve pricing without increasing risk.

Program Features:

  • Farmers can enjoy margin-free farm marketing and fees that are embedded in your final price (not out of pocket)
  • Focused on your cash sales and complemented with additional elevator tools to control risk
  • Priced over the course of the contract with recommendations from the farm marketing team at TFM 360 Analytics
  • A disciplined, balanced approach is applied to build coordinated strategies that include in-depth technical and fundamental quantitative analysis
  • Set basis and deliver to the elevator of your choice via the Indigo Marketplace platform
Serving Farmers for 35 Years

The TFM family of companies has delivered strategic farmer-focused farm marketing services for decades, serving thousands of farmers across the Grain Belt.

A Strategic Approach

At TFM, our goal is to position your operation to capitalize on opportunity and protect you from adverse market action regardless of the direction the market may take.

Contracts Available

1-Year Contract
August Start

A one-year marketing period for a summer delivery of the crop.

  • Price: $0.08/bu

  • Marketing period: Aug 1 - June 15 of the following year

  • TFM KC Wheat (1 year Aug Start)

Stored Crop Contract
October Start

For grain already stored or that you plan to store from this year’s harvest for delivery next summer.

  • Price: $0.07/bu

  • Marketing period: Oct 1 - Jun 15 of the following year

  • TFM Stored Corn

  • TFM Stored Soybeans

1-Year Contract
October Start

A one-year marketing period for a fall delivery of the crop.

  • Price: $0.08/bu

  • Marketing period: Oct 1 -Sep 15 of the following year

  • TFM Corn (1 year)

  • TFM Soybeans (1 year)

2-Year Contract
October Start

A two-year marketing period for a fall crop delivery - allowing you to benefit from two years of market opportunity.

  • Price: $0.09/bu

  • Marketing period: Oct 1 - Sep 15 (two years from enrollment)

  • TFM Corn (2 year)

  • TFM Soybeans (2 year)

1-Year Contract
February Start

A nine month marketing period for fall delivery - allowing you to finish the previous year's harvest prior to starting to market the current year's crop.

  • Price: $0.07/bu

  • Marketing period: Feb 1 - Oct 15 of the same year

  • TFM Corn (1 year Feb Start)

  • TFM Soybeans (1 year Feb Start)

Your One-Stop-Farm-Marketing Shop

At TFM, we can help you with all your farm marketing needs, including your non-cash, and hedging transactions.

Not enough time to find the best basis or too busy to make the sale? Through Indigo Ag’s Marketplace we can help you search for the cash solution that best fits your needs.

To learn how we help businesses build a favorable average price in any market, call us (800) 334-9779.

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