What is farm marketing?

Farm Marketing encompasses the planning and execution of selling a producer’s product (grain, dairy, cattle, etc), protecting the price of those sales and applicable inputs, and managing the risk associated with commodities. To effectively manage risk, it includes using a combination of cash tools, hedge tools, and insurance products.

What are the different components of farm marketing?

There are three main components of farm marketing. (1) A dynamic plan. (2) Making decisions in the local cash market on when to buy or sell. (3) Using applicable risk management tools to protect revenue.

What type of farmer benefits from planning their farm marketing?

Any producer or buyer of agricultural commodities, especially the commodities of soybeans, corn, wheat, milk, cattle or hogs, will benefit from a farm marketing plan.

Seasonally, when should farmers begin marketing?

There is a saying, the best time to plant a tree was 100 years ago, the second-best time is today. Farm marketing should be considered at any time. With historical seasonal price lows at harvest, those without a plan are generally “stuck” with the prices available at that time. The most successful producers have a plan in place, all the time.

What holistic farm marketing services does TFM offer?

The TFM family of companies has products and services to help a buyer or seller plan and execute all aspects of great farm marketing. These include extensive proprietary research of the agriculture markets, deep understanding of barriers producers face in farm marketing, basis research and execution, hedging tools such as futures and options, and crop insurance products for dairy producers. Through unique partnerships, TFM clients also have access to cash grain contracts offered by select elevators. Our flagship service, TFM360, is the most holistic and brings together all aspects of farm marketing under one service.

How long has TFM provided farm marketing services?

For over 35 years, through market extremes and a rapidly changing farm economy, the Total Farm Marketing family of companies has grown and thrived with one purpose – to help farmers protect what they value most: their family, their operation, and their legacy. Formally known as Stewart-Peterson, we changed our name in 2019 to clearly emphasize our focus on strategic long-term marketing solutions for farmers.


We continue to seek and implement new opportunities to support producers across the United Sates. In the last two years, we have added our dairy insurance capability and developed a managed pricing program that allows co-ops and elevators the ability to provide a pricing program to their farmers.

What are specific farm marketing tools and solutions TFM provides farmers?

Through our family of companies, we provide solutions to help solve just about any marketing need. Our publishing company, Stewart-Peterson Inc, develops in-depth proprietary research and analysis to help make sense of the market across row crops, dairy, cattle, and hogs. SP Risk Services is an insurance agency that offers Dairy Revenue Protection insurance. And Stewart-Peterson Group, Inc is a brokerage that personalizes risk management needs to individual clients. Our flagship service, TFM360, is an all-inclusive approach to managing risk and building a favorable average price for your entire crop by providing sound cash advice and scenario-tested hedging solutions to protect sales. Additionally, through outside partnerships, TFM clients have access to flexible basis and cash solutions for farmers of any size. TFM360 is a service of Stewart-Peterson Inc. and Stewart-Peterson Group Inc.

I’m new to farm marketing. How will TFM provide personal service to help guide me?

Education is a major part of our services, and we meet you where you are in your own journey. We have regular webinars, personalized video conferences and phone calls to help teach. TFM clients also have access to proprietary research and white papers.


We also recognize that not every operation is the same. There are many factors that need to be considered when building a plan, like time management, financial risk tolerances, ability to store your commodity, and levels of insurance. Regardless of your situation, TFM is equipped to help manage your farm marketing in a way that makes sense to you.

Can TFM assess my current farm marketing plan to see if I am on the right path?

Yes. Over the course of 35 years, we have spoken to thousands of farmers and have developed a data-driven sense of where farmers are in their farm marketing. We do formal 1x1 “marketing assessment” conversations, or you can take an abbreviated one online here:


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Where can farmers learn more about farm marketing at TFM?

There is a lot of information right here, online at your fingertips, most notably at our dedicated Resources pages. We also conduct regular webinars, with archived copies available online. Simply watching a few of these will give you a small taste of who we are. When you are ready, we are here to have a low-pressure conversation, and answer any questions you may have.


Call us at 1-800-334-9779.


How can I contact TFM regarding my farm marketing needs?

Please call 1-800-334-9779, text 1-262-334-9779, or fill out a form here. We will get back to you promptly.


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