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The way to maximize your payout and minimize the cost of Dairy Revenue Protection Insurance (Dairy-RP) is to purchase it at the best possible times.

When the time looks to be right to buy, you will receive an email and text, enabling you to purchase coverage within the brief time window given by Dairy-RP.

Our team of veteran risk managers watches every move the dairy markets make to keep you informed of what's going on in the markets.

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Buying Dairy Revenue Protection isn't enough. You have to know when to buy it.

Get guidance for making the best possible decisions about when to buy Dairy-RP insurance and how much coverage to purchase with an annual subscription to The D-RP Playbook.

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With Dairy-RP, the date you buy means everything. Your purchase date can greatly influence whether you will benefit from the insurance and by how much.

  • How frustrated will you be if your Dairy-RP purchases have a low likelihood of paying out?
  • What if you had a resource that gave you the confidence to make well-time purchases?
  • Would it be worth paying for purchase date recommendations if it could give you btter coverage with higher odds of payout?

SP Risk Services is an insurance agency focused on providing insurance advice to dairy farmers, helping them efficiently protect their revenue.

Stewart-Peterson helps manage commodity price opportunities and risks for businesses whose margins are affected by market price fluctuations. The businesses we work with range from 800-acre corn growers to billion-dollar food companies; from trucking companies to 5,000-head dairies; and from commodity sellers to commodity purchasers. To learn how we help businesses build a favorable average price in any market, call us at (800) 334-9779.

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