As a TFM Cash+ customer, you will enjoy:

Recommendations from TFM Analytics:

  • Utilize your local elevators, co-ops, ethanol plants, or buyers for contracting and delivery.
  • No hedge account needed.
  • No fear of margin calls.
  • Use the marketing tools you have always used and are comfortable using.
  • Delivery to the locations you are familiar with and have always used.
  • Recommendations include how much crop to sell, when to sell, and which marketing tool to use.
  • Advice over three crop years (old crop, new crop, and next year’s crop).
  • Email, website, and app updates three times daily, a comprehensive weekly strategy email, and special alerts as markets dictate.
  • Monthly fee with no commitment. You continue as long as you value the recommendations.

Support from TFM Consulting:

  • Access to a team of advisors who are ready to take your call. Our advisors will proactively call you as well.
  • Advice on customizing the recommendations, where necessary, to best fit your operation.
  • Advice on how to manage basis, when to lock it and when to wait.
  • Guidance and explanations of what strategy is best, why it is best, and what fits your personal situation.
  • Communication in a convenient way that fits your needs: text, email, phone calls, app, and website.
  • Professional sounding board to strengthen your grain marketing.


We are excited to work with you and will follow up with you within 1 business day to get rolling!


Total Farm Marketing and TFM refer to Stewart-Peterson Group Inc., Stewart-Peterson Inc., and SP Risk Services LLC. Stewart-Peterson Group Inc. is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commissions (CFTC) as an introducing broker and is a member of National Futures Association. Stewart-Peterson Inc. is a publishing company. SP Risk Services LLC is an insurance agency and an equal opportunity provider. A customer may have relationships with all three companies. TFM Analytics is a service of Stewart-Peterson Inc. TFM Consulting is a service of Stewart-Peterson Group Inc.



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